Which pipe should be chosen – electro-welded or seamless?

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What you need to know when choosing a metal pipe

In this article I will tell you about what types of metal pipes are used in everyday life and in modern industry, I will tell you about their differences, cost and technical characteristics. This information will allow you to choose the required metal pipe, guided by its technical characteristics and, in most cases, will save you a lot of money.

Probably every man in his life faced such a problem as repair, replacement or purchase of metal pipes. These pipes are widely used both in everyday life and in any enterprises. Therefore, information on the choice of a metal pipe is relevant for many people at the present time. There are two main ways to make metal pipes. These are seamless and electrowelded pipes.

Which pipe should be chosen - electro-welded or seamless?
electrofusion pipes

The pipe electrowelded is made by means of electric welding of a pipe from a bent leaf. Such a pipe is given out by the presence of a longitudinal (or spiral) weld, which is easily visible even to the naked eye. An electric-welded pipe is inferior to a seamless one in terms of pressure (used mainly for medium pressure of not more than 16 MPa), but it is much cheaper in cost. Moreover, in everyday life we ​​do not need to use a pipe for pressure over 1.6 MPa. Rumor has it that in general it will be correct to mount electric-welded pipes with a seam outward from the walls, since it is through it that leaks can occur, which will be much easier to weld, but in practice, alas, I cannot confirm this. At present, the quality of the pipe and the materials used make it possible to use these products safely and for a long time without any risk. Also, unlike a seamless pipe, an electric-welded pipe can be made with a much larger diameter, which can exceed the wall thickness by more than a hundred times.

Which pipe should be chosen - electro-welded or seamless?
seamless pipesес

Seamless pipe is made from a single piece of metal by rolling, pressing, forging or drawing. For this she got her name – seamless. This pipe is mainly used in the oil or gas industry, as well as for pumping aggressive or flammable and explosive media through it under high pressure, which can significantly exceed 16 MPa. These pipes have various modifications, which differ from each other in such parameters as steel grade, manufacturing technology and dimensions. This rolled metal is produced only at factories with modern equipment that meets current quality standards, in compliance with the necessary safety measures and technological standards.

Currently, plastic pipes have become in great demand for home use. Along with the advantages, it also has big disadvantages. We will analyze the use of these pipes in one of our next publications.

Conclusion: If you need a pipe for personal use and you are not going to pump aggressive liquids through it under high pressure, then it makes sense to use an electric welded pipe, which, moreover, will be much cheaper in cost. In all other cases, you must choose a seamless option.

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