Stay-at-home or party-goer (En)


Do you like to roam the streets and walk in the park?

Are you ready to help a friend if he lacks funds, without the hope of their return?

If you are among “your people”, can you afford extra (for example, in terms of alcohol)?

Do you like to receive guests?

Do unannounced guests take you by surprise, or do you have stocks of food so that you can set the table at any time?

How are you doing with cooking? Do you love to cook?

Do you have a company where you spend time regularly?

Do you like to sing along with your friends?

How often do you organize holidays and parties at home?

If you were in a bad mood and found yourself in a pleasant cheerful company, will your mood quickly rise?

If people you know ask you to spend time with them, do you always agree?

How quickly do you resolve conflicts with friends, if any?

Do you share only pleasant memories and impressions with your friends?

Are you ready to spend time in the company of a friend if you are not feeling well, but he asked you to?

Do you often fall asleep during lectures or at work?

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle, do you watch your diet?

Have there been times when you missed work, being unable to get out of bed after a hard party?

Is it customary in your company to drink beer or other alcoholic beverages, or smoke?

If your doctor forbade you to smoke or drink alcohol because of health problems, would you follow this advice?

Do you have bad habits?

Are you overweight?

How often do you go to nightclubs or other places of recreation without your significant other?

What time do you go to bed?

How do you feel about comedies?

Can you call yourself a punctual person?

Do you like to joke at work?

Can you postpone work indefinitely for fun?

Stay-at-home or party-goer (En)
Yes, you are the real homebody!!!

You don’t have your own company, which means you simply don’t want it or have not yet found people with whom it would be so interesting for you to communicate. However, it is possible that the whole thing is a catastrophic lack of time. Maybe you are too busy with work or study, you play sports hard, and you have no time to meet friends, as a result of which you communicate with them very rarely. One way or another, but in the column "friendship" in your profile there is a dash or 2-3 names of especially close people are written. It is up to you to correct the situation or not, but if now you feel comfortable, and home comfort and warmth are enough for you to live a happy life, you should not bother looking for acquaintances just for the sake of meeting some standards. Perhaps being a homebody is your essence, and you should not be upset because of this. There are a huge number of people in the world who live happily in a kind of “isolation”, who have few friends, but the most devoted and real ones. Another thing is if you need them only as work partners or sources of “connections” that help you find a comfortable existence.
Without a doubt, you are a full-fledged and incorrigible party-goer!!!

Making you sit within four walls is not an easy task. You agree to stay at home only if you have a cheerful company and a noisy party is planned. Today you can sit in a cafe with friends, tomorrow you can go to a club with new acquaintances, the day after tomorrow you can visit a cinema with relatives, acquaintances or friends. This is the only life you like. To the credit of the party-goers, it is worth saying that many of them are loyal comrades who will not leave their company, much less betray their friends, which is very much appreciated by close people. The main ringleader in the team, the organizer of cool gatherings, a great humorist and an interesting conversationalist - in your circle you are one of the most authoritative personalities. Jokingly they call you the leader of the gang, the chief or something like that. Even if society does not pay much attention to you, you will correct the situation in any way, but you will still achieve your goal, even if you do not appear in the most beautiful and plausible appearance. Activities such as reading and cross-stitching are clearly not for you, as well as other painstaking work. This is primarily due to the reluctance to sit in one place the way homebodies do - your complete opposites. However, carried away by freedom, do not forget about your duties to your family, relatives, and sometimes employers!
You are neither a homebody nor a party-goer, although you have the qualities of both. You are just great!!!

You can be attributed to the type of people who are called the ordinary moderate person. You perfectly know a lot about not only rest, but also work. Also, if necessary, you can always find a company for a cool vacation. You do not get hung up on any particular occupation, because you understand that we have one life and we live here and now, and we are not given a second life. Therefore, life should be diverse and multifaceted, and not be reduced to manifestations of asceticism and sheer workaholism, and at the same time not be the only element of pleasure and relaxation.

Я Простой человек. Такой же как и вы. Ничем не отличающийся от других. С многосторонними интересами и пытливым складом ума.
I am an ordinary person. The same as you. No different from others. With multifaceted interests and an inquisitive mindset.

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