Karachi Lake Resort

What is treated at the Lake Karachi resort
Karachi Lake Resort
Mineral water “Karachinskaya”
Karachi Lake Resort
Medicinal table water “Assol”

Mineral sparkling water “KARACHINSKAYA” and still mineral-table water “ASSOL” are widely known not only in Western Siberia, but also in other parts of our country. But very few people know where this water is obtained.

  Many of those who traveled in their car along the federal highway “BAIKAL” and passed through the territory of the Novosibirsk region often stopped for the night near Lake Karachi to experience the miraculous properties of natural mud and local mineral water. There are people who come here regularly and camp for a long time. Because it has been proven that the effectiveness of treatment with therapeutic mud and mineral water is achieved after long-term use of these procedures. The distance from the “BAIKAL” motorway to Lake Karachi is only about twenty kilometers.

   On the east coast of the lake there is a recreation area specially designated for treatment. Let’s call it a wild beach. You can enter its territory by your own car and set up your tent camp here. This beach also has fresh water showers, a shop, a volleyball court, a barbecue area, toilets and several small paid carriages for living. Garbage containers are installed to collect garbage.

   Not far from this recreation area, in the immediate vicinity of the lake, there is a well from which the mineral medicinal-table water “Karachinskaya” is extracted. The depth of this well is 1,173 meters. The well was discovered in 1958. It is here, on the shore of the lake, on the territory of the recreation area, that anyone can always take this mineral water straight from the well absolutely free of charge.

Karachi Lake Resort
Resort Lake Karachi on the map

  The Lake Karachi resort is located in Western Siberia, in the Novosibirsk region, four hundred kilometers west of the city of Novosibirsk. Not far from it there is a village with the same name. Only about fifteen thousand people live in it. The lake is elliptical. In size, it occupies about three hundred and sixty-two hectares. The lake is shallow. The depth of the lake generally does not exceed one meter. The maximum depth is less than two meters. In clear and sunny weather, the water temperature near the coast can reach from + 35C + 40C. The lake water tastes bitter and salty. Here you can just lie on the water like on a bed. The high salinity of the water provides one hundred percent unsinkability. The unique reservoir and its surroundings are included in the planet’s nature protection zone. The uniqueness of Lake Karachi is due not only to its mineral water, but also to the presence of curative sulphide-silt mud, formed in a special ecosystem of the lake several centuries ago. For more than two hundred years, this therapeutic mud has been successfully used in balneological procedures.

Karachi Lake Resort

   The mud of Lake Karachi is a finely dispersed black mass with the smell of hydrogen sulfide, rich in iron sulfides. The sulphide-silt mud contains various types of gaseous substances. Such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, as well as many organic substances that have a pronounced therapeutic effect. Basically, mud treatment is indicated for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and urological diseases, infertility, various disorders in the functioning of the digestive system and skin diseases.

   The medicinal properties of lake water are due to the presence in the water of a variety of living microorganisms, bacteria and phytoplankton. Free-floating plant organisms are called phytoplankton. Phytoplankton serves as food for the main inhabitant of the lake – the arthropod crustacean. After its death, the crustacean becomes prey for bacteria, which form the products that are part of the therapeutic mud and serve as nutrient material for algae growing in a saline solution (or brine).

    Lacustrine brine has an analgesic, relaxing, anti-inflammatory effect, helps to strengthen the immune system, improves blood circulation, and helps to cope with skin diseases. It is used with high efficiency in various inflammatory diseases of the throat.

The use of mineral water is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the esophagus, chronic gastritis with normal, increased and decreased secretion; gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer; bowel diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, kalytov and enterocalitis); diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract; diseases of the pancreas (chronic pancreatitis); violation of the digestive system after surgery for gastric ulcer, diabetes mellitus, obesity, impaired salt and lipid metabolism, as well as diseases of the urinary tract (chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, chronic cystitis, urethritis) and many other diseases.

Do not forget that taking these water-mud procedures must be performed under the supervision of a doctor, because due to the individual characteristics of our body – there are various contraindications.

  Since 1880, the eponymous resort “Lake Karachi” has been operating on the shore of the lake. On the southern coast of the lake there are medical buildings and a beach area with access to the reservoir. The health resort has all the conditions for effective treatment and prevention of various diseases and rehabilitation after severe injuries. The combination of treatment with mineral water and healing mud has a truly miraculous effect on the human body.

  According to the analytical agency “TurStat” for 2021, treatment at the resort “Lake Karachi” in terms of its effectiveness entered the top ten best resorts in Russia, being in seventh place. Mineral water resorts and balneological resorts are mainly in demand in the off-season, that is, in spring and autumn, and mud resorts are especially popular in the summer.

    In recent years, scientists have identified the fact that the lake is gradually decreasing in size, losing approximately six to eight meters of its coast every year. One of the reasons for this may be the fact that every day a huge amount of water is extracted from the well, which subsequently enters the bottling shops and is then transported to retail outlets.

   Therefore, we all need to take good care of the unique natural places of our planet, otherwise we will simply be able to lose such useful products as natural mud, brine and mineral water.

Resort “Lake Karachi”

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