A hypothesis is an assumption put forward to explain a phenomenon that is not confirmed,
but also not refuted


The truth is out there…

Fox Mulder TV series “The X-Files”

Almost every one of us in our life (at least once) faced such incredible events that, according to our modern science, simply could not happen. But have you seen them? So they happened. How so? Why are they not telling us about something like this on TV, not talking in the media, not paying due attention on the global network, not studying at school and higher educational institutions?

And think for a second about what most of the people to whom you can later tell this might think of you. And how can this subsequently affect your life and your career? The answer will be simple …. they will simply say “a flask has flowed” (which in translation into simple human language means that you are not telling the truth and that everything is not so good with your head). Therefore, you have only one thing left – either to be silent, or try to discuss it with those who can believe you. The purpose of this publication is not to embroil all readers among themselves, but to find like-minded people or those people who are really interested in knowing, discussing and communicating on various interesting or little-studied topics.

In this article I am not going to repeat to everyone the basics of the school course on the origin and shape of our planet Earth, I will not talk about the origin of Homo sapiens from a monkey {homo sapiens}, as the great and mighty Charles Darwin claimed. I will not copy “so-called” space station photos or other “truthful” information from NASA {NASA} or Roscosmos {Roscosmos} sites. I will simply introduce you to my individual point of view on some real events that have taken place or are happening in our time, and I will try to support my opinion with relevant examples.

I also ask you not to make hasty conclusions, but just read the article to the end and analyze everything that I will write about. Or at least think, analyze and express your point of view on the questions that I will ask below in the text.

 For registered users of the site it will be possible to discuss any questions on the portal’s forum, where a lot of other equally interesting information will be posted and available.

Below I have posted a list of questions and hypotheses that cannot be answered unequivocally. The list of these questions will be reflected in the articles of this section and will gradually increase, based on your wishes and recommendations.

Planet Earth:

  • A grandiose project called “Earth” (who, when and why created the Earth. Life under control or the planet Earth as one big project of the Supreme Mind). To learn more
  • Why are we told that the earth is a ball? (why we do not want to show live video broadcast of the earth’s surface and what is happening on it from the space station or the Hubble telescope). To learn more
  • Why is Antarctica closed to the public? What are they hiding from people and why? (is it a continent, why no one ever flew the Earth across the South Pole, what the expeditions of the German Reich were looking for on it,) Learn more

Obvious-Incredible or [Top Secret]:

  • The real reason for the death of Igor Dyatlov’s group. (why the truth is still hidden from us). To learn more
  • Incomprehensible incidents from my life that happened to me in real life. To learn more

The keeper

Planet Earth